Town Fingerposts

The need for fingerposts arose out of the Healthcheck research carried out for the Initiative in 2004. This identified that town centre signage was poor and that there was an opportunity to improve the visitor experience in Saffron Walden.

The fingerposts were funded by grants from Action for Market Towns and Saffron Walden Museum and co-ordinated by the Saffron Walden Initiative. With the help of the Town Council and Essex County Council Highways, six fingerposts were installed in October 2007. The seventh was installed in the Market Place in May 2009. The eighth and last fingerpost was installed in Hill Street in August 2009. The posts were designed by David Riches, who runs the Visible Edge design consultancy in the town. They were installed by a local contractor, Peter Knight Construction.

The group that planned the fingerposts included Elizabeth Blackie (then Uttlesford Tourism Officer), Martyn Everett (local historian), Catherine Flack (Saffron Walden Initiative), Sue Locke (Uttlesford Access Group), John Ready (local architect), Helen Riches (local designer), Sarah Saward (then Market Towns Project Officer) and Malcolm White (then Town Clerk).