Listed Buildings Photography Project

In 2011 Barbara Wilcox from the Saffron Walden Initiative launched a project to update the photographs of all the listed buildings in Saffron Walden and Sewards End as this would be of particular interest to the Uttlesford District Council Planning Department as well as the Town Council, residents and prospective residents in the area.

This turned out to be a massive project which has only recently been completed thanks to the exceptional efforts of Dominic Davey who is both a member of the Saffron Walden Initiative and also Chairman of the Saffron Walden Camera Club.

Over a thousand photographs were taken by members of the Initiative and the Camera Club and then combined with text from Historic England, to create a unique document for each listing. It is worth noting that all photographs were taken from public areas and that in a few instances it was not possible to take photographs.

The 408 listed entities include houses, businesses, 'street furniture' such as telephone boxes and lampstands, walls, doorways/gates etc. Also included are 'ancient monuments', which have a different listing number system, such as Bridge End Gardens, the Castle, Battle Ditches, Maze etc. The catalogue of the locations links both the project's documents, with photographs, as well as Historic England's full listings.

Link to the Listed Buildings Photographs and Historic England listings